The Unknownn - Promo Material - 2010

In the depths of Stratford, in the middle of a field, in a fantastical barn conversion, there lives a beautifully kitted out music studio, of which is the home to the music of "The Unknownn". This is where they construct their heavy, ambientic, sounds, with powerful and evocative vocals, under mysterious circumstances.

I was contacted by some of the original members of the band to come along and shadow them on a few occasions to take photos that encapsulated the anominity and style of The Unknownns' music.

I had the priveledge of visiting them on a few occassions, and being asked back with newer incarnations of collabratives.

The Unknownn, still manage to maintain a high level of amazing sounds, and never ceases to amaze me with their wonderful music.

For more information about the band and to sample the fruits of their labour, visit their Facebook page.