Hazel and Lee Wedding - Solihull - 2012

Haze and Lee, hired me take the photos of their special day, extenuating the style and sophistication that they exude, whilst documenting the stunning venue and the events of the day.

Nuthurst Grange, in Solihull, was the location of the day and every detail was planned with military precision, which I appreciated greatly.

Classic white roses, diamonte shoes, and an elegant Ian Stuart dress, was my main focus of the day shadowing the bride. The handsome Hugo Boss groom, was rarely seen without his grin from ear to ear, beaming with pride, aside from the very moving speeches that brought even a tear to my eye. I felt like I was a real part of their union, and it was a very moving experience.

Thanks again Haze and Lee, it's going to be strange not hearing from you at least once a month :)