About Me

The Prince's Trust helped me to set up my business, Iris Aperture Photography, in Oct 2010. I haven't looked back since. Taking shots for experimental, contemporary and traditional weddings, young and fresh hair and beauty head shots for portfolios, and vibrant and endearing family portraits. Recently I've been asked to represent the Prince's Trust as a Prince's Trust Ambassador, which is a real honour.

So what's it all about? The summary of it all is I love taking photographs of people, and everything around them, to say I am a lifestyle photographer would be quite fitting. I want to photograph everyone at some point, all shapes, sizes and circumstances. I don't shy away from a challenge and relish a new project. I have over 13 years experience taking photos, and even more experience with Fine Art, which gives my work a unique edge that I think can be appreciated by everyone. I am based in Warwickshire/West Midlands, UK and have been commissioned to work all over the UK, and luckily comissioned to work in Australia and China. I love travelling, meeting people from all walks of life and taking in what the entire world has to offer.

If you want me to create something personal for you, to remember and cherish, or if you want to show off your work as best it can be, just give me a shout. I am a naturally social person who loves making people smile, so feel free to give me a call or email me an enquiry. I suffer from a condition where I have a million ideas a minute, so I’d be happy to share them with you, and be privileged to take photos for you.

The Rest of the Team

Alan is one of my main photographers and has shadowed me on quite a few occasions now. He has a keen eye for architecture, and a wonderful ability to slink back and capture the magic of a moment. He is an extremely prolific photographer and when he is not working with me, he is strutting around taking fantastic travel photos, and in-sighting a fresh and informed spirit into the Coventry photography culture scene. You can find more of his work here: www.alansmithers.co.uk

Tasmeta is the makeup artist that I collaborate with, we originally bonded over make up before I launched the business, and she was one of my first business launch commissions. We have a mutual love for 90's editorial make up, and how make up can make you feel wonderfully confident. If you choose to have a portrait taken by myself you will hopefully have the opportunity to have Tasmeta as your makeup artist, you won't want to do your own make ever again. For further details about Tasmetas work you can visit her on Facebook

The lovely Amra, helps me with all of business stuff beyond the scenes, she has just assisted in setting up the backbone of Iris Aperture, and subsequently taken a massive weight of my mind, because of this she is my hero. She is mainly busy with creating things herself from biscuits to blankets, an amazingly skilled creative. She is always pleasant and happy to help. I am lucky to have her on my team.

Deesha has helped me in all essences of the photography business, from printing, to shoot assist and buying ice for my exhibition openings she is my main go to girl, when I need someone helpful, efficient and intelligent. She also has an unhealthy/healthy love for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, I'll let you guys debate that... :)

Gary is another one of my talented photographers, a cracking eye for composition and fantastic vantage point, towering above the masses. He is a keen skateboarder and fashion enthusiast and I can count on him for a dose of style in proceedings.

Shannon is my shot of madness on these rainy summer days, always a pleasure to work with, she is bringing the element of innovation and organisation to my future events. Watch this space for up and coming exhibitions and events.